H. Smith Richardson
Golf Club

The H. Smith Richardson Golf Club has some of the best competition around for a public golf course in southwestern Connecticut, and we encourage all our members to get out to compete and play with other members. It is very easy to get involved in tournaments at the club, whether you are just starting out or have been playing for a while. Each Saturday and Sunday we have "weekend events" which are open tournaments that you can post a score after your round. The formats for these events vary, from Medal Play to Best Ball of 4 events. We also have "Majors", such as Club Championship and Member-Member, which some are free to sign up online, and others require an entry fee before signing up. All members are eligible to earn pro shop credits in these events.

Weekend Events
Most weekends there are open tournaments which you can play 18 holes and turn in a score at the end of your round. We require that you play with another member, and post your score in the handicap computer after your round. The score sheet is usually posted just outside the restaurant under the patio. The club does not book times for these events, and you must reserve your own time through the golf course tee time system. The various formats for weekend events include:

The formats for each weekend are shown on the tournament schedule.

Major Events
Major events are bigger events which usually have blocked tee times, and may require an entry fee. Some of these events may also have a qualifier, which you must sign up for ahead of time. You can view the tournament dates and event details on our tournament schedule. Some of our major events consist of:

We have a handful of events where we send players to compete on behalf of our club in the New England area. These events usually have a qualifier for 10 - 12 positions. This is a great way to meet other golfers, not just from our club, but from dozens of other clubs in the area. Some of these events include: