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A convenient benefit we have set up for our members is the ability to signup for some events on online, eliminating the need to sign up with paper and pencil. With the release of our new website, we have integrated the tournament signup system into our new events calendar. Our online signup system has been improved and simplified to ensure the event signups are available on the dates shown on the tournament schedule. Simply search for an event within the calendar, open it’s page and you will see a form to signup. Please click here to visit our event calendar and signup for events. Please scroll down the page to withdrawal from an event.

You can use the events calendar to sign up for any of the events listed below:

  • President’s Cup
  • NEPGA Sr Championship Qualifier
  • Mastroni Team Championship
  • NEPGA Championship Qualifier
  • Club Championship
  • Shoreline Qualifier
  • Greater Bridgeport District Qualifier
  • Sr Club Championship


Please select an event and enter the player name from the current signups above to withdrawal from an event

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